Thank you for purchasing JetMenu addon for Elementor. This documentation consists of several parts and covers the entire process of installing and setting up JetMenu plugin from scratch. You will also find information on how to create a menu and customize it using JetMenu addon.

What Is JetMenu Plugin?

JetMenu is a plugin that assists you in creating and styling up mega menu. You’ll be able to create content for the menu items and customize items appearance, add menu badges and icons, change menu item background - all this with JetMenu plugin, which is easy-to-use and has intuitive and clear interface.

With JetMenu you can style menu items using different fonts and all colors of the world. There are multiple settings to set the menu item shadows, customization options for Active and Hover mode, etc.

The plugin works in tandem with Elementor live page builder, allowing to add content to menu items in a drag-and-drop way. The content and style settings share the same treats with Elementor and JetElements. You’ll also get Custom Menu module for Elementor, which allows you to add your menu to any page layout section you want.