Thank you for purchasing JetCompareWishlist addon for Elementor. This documentation consists of several parts and covers the entire process of installing and setting up JetCompareWishlist plugin from scratch. You will also find information on how to add JetCompareWishlist widgets to the pages built with Elementor, and how to change JetCompareWishlist settings.

What Is JetCompareWishlist Plugin?

JetCompareWishlist plugin is a useful tool for adding comparison and wishlist fucntionality to e-Commerce pages built with Elementor.

With JetCompareWishlist plugin you can create comparison lists and wishlists and enable visitors to add desired products into them, showcasing the selected products with this plugin in the most amazing way.

It allows to use the comparison and wishlist functionality, and is perfect for:

  • showcasing comparison lists and wishlists with desired products easily and quickly;

  • adding Compare and Wishlist buttons to the products on default WooCommerce templates as well as to custom Single and Archive WooCommerce templates;

  • comparing and viewing products and their features in a suitable form as a comparison table and wishlist.

  • You have to install and activate Elementor page builder plugin before using JetCompareWishlist plugin! If You haven’t installed Elementor, please, navigate to Elementor Installation tutorial.

    JetCompareWishlist Overview

    • Compare Button widget provides products with the button, which allows adding products to the comparison list. Compare Button widget can be added to custom Single and Archive WooCommerce templates.

    • Compare Count Button widget displays the number of added products in the comparison list.

    • Compare widget provides an option to display the comparison list with added products on the page in the form of comparison table, where different features of the product can be presented.

    • Wishlist Button widget lets you add liked products to the wishlist and then view them in a convenient wishlist.

    • Wishlist Count Button widget shows how many products added in the wishlist.

    • Wishlist widget allows to display the wishlist with the products, which you liked and saved, on the page.

    JetCompareWishlist plugin will help you compare the products by creating comparison lists and saved products. Manage the wishlists and products comparison functionality, and make sure your customers and visitors can view the liked products at any time and make the most beneficial purchase.