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Intense Template Documentation

Template Customization

How to work with the optimization of styles file

  1. To minify the styles file, use one of the following services: CSS Minifier, CSS Compressor, Minify and Compress CSS.
  2. Name the file with the minification results style.min.css.
  3. Copy it to the css/ folder of your template.
  4. Attach this file in the HTML files of your website instead of the one that is not modified.
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.min.css">
    instead of:
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css">

Setting up a Shop

Intense is an HTML template that targets developers. A Shop example in Intense is used just for simplifying the successive work on the product that developers carry out as a part of their orders. It does not contain functionality of implementing a live store.

Attention: Intense does not have the functionality for creating a working online-shop. The Demo just has some examples of HTML marking for implementing a store based on Intense.

Maintenance Page Setup

Intense contains some ready-made examples of Maintenance and Coming Soon pages in Pages section. You can find some information about setting up these pages below .

Setting up the countdown date

Intense uses jQuery Countdown plugin for implementing the countdown functionality. You can find more detailed information about working with the plugin in Extensions > Countdown section .

To set up the countdown timer in Intense, please specify the target date in data-time attribute in "DD Mon YYYY" format in the corresponding countdown marking section.

        <div class="countdown-custom countdown-ellipse">
        <div data-type="until" data-time="25 Apr 2017" data-format="dhms" class="countdown"></div>

Mailform setup

Intense uses a set of RD Mailform plugins for implementing contact forms. You can find more detailed instructions about these plugins in Extensions > RD Mailform section.

In order to set up the email address to send the e-mails (sent with the help of RD Mailform) to, please replace in bat/rd-mailform.php file the e-mail, which is specified in $recipients variable, with the needed recipient's email:

$recipients = '[email protected]';

Smooth scroll for Windows setup

In HTML Website Templates, there is a built-in support of smooth scroll for Chrome browser in OS Windows. To enable it, just add the .use--smoothscroll class for the html tag.

<html lang="en" class="use--smoothscroll">

Template scroll animation setup

HTML Website Template uses Wow.js extension and css library Animate.css for implementing the scroll animation. To enable animation on page scroll, add .wow-animation class for the html tag.

<html lang="en" class="wow-animation">

You should also specify the .wow class and the corresponding class for the target element.

        <div class=wow fadeIn">

You can also set the animation delay, using the data-wow-delay attribute.

        <div data-wow-delay="0.2s" class="wow fadeIn">

You can find the list of available animations on the Components > Toolkit Components > Animations template page. You can find a list of classes for generating different animated effects below.

  • fadeIn
  • fadeLeft
  • fadeRight
  • fadeUp
  • fadeDown
  • slideLeft
  • slideRight
  • slideUp
  • slideDown

Slider Setup

Intense uses Swiper Slider plugin for implementing the slider. You can find more detailed instructions on setting it up in Extensions > Swiper Slider section.

Parallax Setup

Intense comes with RD Parallax plugin for implementing parallax effect. You can find more detailed information about the plugin and its setup in Extensions > RD Parallax section.

Adding a section with background image parallax

To create a section with background image parallax, please use the following marking, in which you should replace the image path in data-url attribute:

        <div class="rd-parallax">
        <div data-speed="0.35" data-type="media" data-url="path/to/your-image.jpg" class="rd-parallax-layer"></div>
        <div data-speed="0" data-type="html" class="rd-parallax-layer">

Search by pages setup

Intense comes with RD Search plugin for implementing search by pages.

Intense has Live Search on header-sidebar-fixed-light and header-sidebar-fixed-dark pages with date and tags display.

Changing the date on the page

To change the date on the target page, find the meta-tag with name="date" attribute and change the value of the 'content' attribute.

        <meta name="date" content="...">

How to change tags on the page

To change tags on the target page, find the meta-tag with name="keywords" attribute and change the value of the 'content' attribute.

        <meta name="keywords" content="intense web design multipurpose template">

hese tags are required for the correct functioning of the search. If you add new pages, you should also add these meta-tags.