Multipurpose WordPress Theme


Widgets are basic components of a website, which can be placed to different widget areas, for e.g. to sidebar, header, footer, before or after content, or any other custom area.
Widgets have different functions and can be set and tuned up in Customizer > Widgets tab.


This widget is used to display information about your site.

  • title
    widget's text title;
  • logo
    you can select a logo for the widget;
  • enable tagline
    enable/disable tagline;
  • content
    add content to this field.

About Author

This widget is used to display blog author information.

  • title
    widgets text title;
  • select user to show
    you can select a user / author from a dropdown list to show on the page;
  • author avatar size
    here you can define the author avatar image size, set it to 0 to hide the avatar, it will be applied only to gravatar;
  • custom avatar image
    here you can choose and upload the custom author avatar image;
  • link
    here you can set a link, or leave it empty to hide;
  • link label
    here you can set a link text.

This widget is designed to add banners to the website.

  • source
    choose the source image for the banner;
  • link
    this option allows you to add a link to a particular banner. Hover on a thumbnail in the customizer and click the button in the middle of it to specify the address;
  • open in
    specify whether to open the link in a current window or in a new one.