Thank you for purchasing JetSmartFilters for Elementor! This documentation consists of several parts and covers the entire process of installing and setting up JetSmartFilters plugin from scratch. You will also find information on how to enable and customize JetSmartFilters to use them with JetEngine Listing Grid and JetWooBuilder templates.

What Is JetSmartFilters Plugin?

JetSmartFilters is a plugin that adds easy-to-use AJAX filters to the pages built with Elementor which contain the dynamic listings.

There are several types of filters:

  • Checkboxes list;
  • Select
  • Range
  • Check Range
  • Date Range
  • Radio
  • Search

Each filter can be applied to the products or posts listing in order to get the results the visitor needs the most.

JetSmartFilters plugin provides the 7 different widgets for applying filters. Every widget has extensive style and easy-to-use content settings.

Please, note, that in order to use JetSmartFilters you would also need JetEngine or JetWooBuilder plugins to showcase the product or post listings.