JetProductGallery Documentation


Thank you for purchasing JetProductGallery for Elementor. This documentation consists of several parts and covers the entire process of installing and setting up JetProductGallery plugin from scratch. You will also find information on how to enable and customize JetProductGallery plugin.

What Is JetProductGallery Plugin?

JetProductGallery is a plugin that helps represent WooCommerce Single Product templates in the most attractive and complete forms, using different modules, such as Gallery Anchor Navigation, Gallery Grid and Gallery Slider, etc.

With JetProductGallery plugin you can display WooCommerce products from all sides, organizing the images in a convenient gallery.

You have to install and activate Elementor page builder plugin before using JetProductGallery! If You haven’t installed Elementor, please, navigate to Elementor Installation tutorial.

JetProductGallery Overview

  • Gallery Anchor Navigation widget displays images of the product in an appealing way. Use it to show product variations as a stylish, vertical gallery with navigation. There are different content and style settings, which are useful for customization of the module appearance according to your vision.
  • Gallery Grid widget is the perfect solution if you need to showcase the product variations in a convenient form of a gallery. Style up the layout in several clicks to get the astonishing results and garnish product page with gorgeous imagery!
  • Gallery Slider widget provides an option to display product images in the form of a slider! The widger possesses lots of useful settings, which help to jazz up the product’s single page and make the content brighter.
  • Gallery Modern widget allows arranging Single Product images in the form of an attractive gallery layout that has a large featured image at the top and shows off other images below it.
Please, note, that to use JetProductGallery for creating galleries for WooCommerce products one should have JetWooBuilder plugin or Elementor Pro version.

Please, note, that you've got to make sure that you have WooCommerce plugin installed and active on the site and you have at least one product added in order to be able to customize its Single page template.

JetProductGallery plugin will help you make the product pages look unique and showcase the product in the most attractive way, letting the visitors get an impression of its appearance.