Thank you for purchasing JetGuten for Gutenberg WordPress editor.

This documentation consists of several parts and covers the entire process of installing and using JetGuten plugin.

Here you can find the description of the installation process, the step-by-step guide to using JetGuten in the Gutenberg editor environment, along with the detailed explanations on how to use the JetGuten widgets and customize widget settings.

What Is JetGuten

JetGuten is an addon for Gutenberg WordPress editor. It allows creating and adding more specific content using the set of specific blocks, to the pages built with Gutenberg.

JetGuten Widgets

Pricing Table

Pricing Table block will help you display the pricing blocks with all the necessary content added to them using one of the preset styles. You’ll also be able to customize the appearance settings for the pricing blocks, making them suit your general page’s style.


Banner block will assist you in creating banners from your custom images with the most stylish animation effects, to attract attention of the visitors to your links. The widget has 11 effect settings along with the title, description and overlay styles that can be easily changed according to one’s needs.

Circle Progress

Circle Progress block is useful for showcasing the current progress of the project, or displaying the rate in percents or to show the proportion from the maximum value. The block provides you with the easy-to-use content settings as well as stylization settings for the circle, value and label blocks.

Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer block allows to display the countdown to the set date in the future using the simple countdown that displays the days, hours, minutes and seconds. The block has easily manageable settings, allowing to change the size of the timer, display the separator, change value, label and panel settings.

Animated Box

Animated Box block makes it possible to add animated boxes to the pages built with Gutenberg. The block possesses easily changeable animation effects, and the whole set of appearance settings for the back and front sides of the box.


Map block is a perfect solution if you’re looking for an easy way to add a Google map to the page built with Gutenberg. The block provides access to the general settings, such as Address, Map or Satellite view, zoom level, etc.

Progress Bar

Progress bar block allows adding attractive progress bars to showcase the progress of the process you’re displaying. With this block you’ll be able to change the progress value, change the layout style by selecting one of the 6 styles, and customize the style of the bar.

Inline SVG

Inline SVG block provides you with an opportunity to add SVG images without the need to add any extra plugins to WordPress. The block makes it easy to download and display the image that has scalable vector graphics format.

Image Comparison

Image Comparison block provides you with an ability to add the two-image block to showcase Before and After state of the object you’re displaying. It has the basic content settings as well as the style settings for the labels, border, etc.
You have to install and activate Gutenberg WordPress editor before using JetGuten! To learn more about Gutenberg editor, please, feel free to read Gutenberg Handbook.