Thank you for purchasing JetEngine for Elementor. This documentation consists of several parts and covers the entire process of installing and using JetEngine plugin. It describes the process of creating custom post types, custom taxonomies, making templates for them using Elementor page builder and additional widgets for displaying dynamic content, in details.

It also explains the full process of creating custom post and taxonomy layouts.

What Is JetEngine Plugin?

JetEngine is a plugin for Elementor, that provides functionality for creating templates for custom post types, taxonomies, and showcasing them in the form of layouts on Elementor-built pages. It also allows creating custom post types, custom taxonomies, as well as custom meta boxes for any kind of content.

With JetEngine it is possible to showcase services, team members, create portfolio layouts without any skills in PHP and CSS.

The plugin also adds 6 special widgets for pulling dynamic content from the posts and displaying it on the pages built with Elementor.

You have to install and activate Elementor page builder plugin before using JetEngine! If You haven’t installed Elementor, please, navigate to Elementor Installation tutorial.

JetEngine Listing Widgets

Dynamic Field

Dynamic Field widget is made for displaying the content from both meta fields and the post or term data, for posts and taxonomies listing templates. The widget pulls the data and displays it using the set style and content settings.

Dynamic Image

Dynamic Image widget privides opportunity to pull the thumbnail image or any other image added as the media in the meta field to showcase it on the pages built with Elementor. This is the dynamic widget that can be easily used for creating templates for custpom post types and taxonomies.

Dynamic Link

Dynamic Link widget helps in adding the links to the listings, that display the content from the predefined source.

Dynamic Meta

Dynamic Meta widget allows displaying the default meta information (usually needed for the posts), such as the publishing date, author and information about comments.

Dynamic Repeater

Dynamic Repeater widget is made for displaying repeating blocks set for the custom post types or taxonomies (this can be done in meta boxes or when you create a meta field and select the Repeater content type).

Dynamic Terms

Dynamic Terms widget provides opportunity to add the taxonomies to the custom post types. Use this widget to display the terms that are applied to the needed custom post listing.