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Setting Ajax search conditions

From this block you can learn how to set the search for specific post types or taxonomy with JetSearch plugin for Elementor.

Enabling Ajax Search for Custom Post Types

If you have different posts types and you are looking for the way for the post types to have a connection to the search results, then JetSearch plugin is what you really need.
Let’s walk through the process of limiting search results to specific post types.
  • Log in to the WordPress Dashboard and proceed to the Pages directory.

  • Here, open the page where you want to add the search bar and click the Edit with Elementor option.

  • After that, find Ajax Search widget drag and drop it to page’s canvas.

  • There are the Content, Style and Advanced blocks. Open the Content > Search Settings tab in order to define that the search is to be made only in the specific posts type.

  • Hover over the Search in field and then the dropdown list with available posts results will appear. The posts type results there depend on what posts types you have got. For example, it might be the default Posts or Products types.

  • Set the needed post type and Ajax search bar will automatically hunt for the results within the posts type you’ve chosen.

  • Please, pay attention that if you haven’t chosen any posts type, the search will be looking for the results within the entire site.

  • The very last step is to click the Update button to apply the search results to the site.

Enabling Ajax Search for Custom Taxonomy

With JetSearch plugin every element of search results is customizable. It is possible to single out the most important search results and make it search only among the specific taxonomies.
Let’s explore how to enable the search for the specific taxonomy in order to limit the search results.
  • Open the page to which you need to add the search form and go to the Elementor editor.

  • Next, drop the Ajax Search widget to the page. After that, you will see Content block in the left menu.

  • Now, enable the Show Category List option using the toggle.

  • Then, choose the taxonomy from where you want to pull the terms for displaying.

  • Now you can fill in the needed placeholder text to give the visitors a clue of what’s this all about.

  • Consequently, one additional block is included in the search field, so now visitors can specify within which terms they want to make the search.

  • Lastly, on the live site, you can check it and click the dropdown, choosing the needed terms for the sought elements.